How Can We Support Our Community During the COVID Crisis?

A lot of friends, clients and colleagues have asked in this time of a widespread COVID-19 outbreak, how can we support those in need in our community.  We thought we would share a few ideas that we came across:

  • Support local businesses.  Local First AZ is an initiative to support local businesses throughout the year.
  • Order food from your favorite restaurants and please don’t forget to tip.  More detailed information is located at AZ Takeout Weeks.
  • Contribute to your local food bank such as St. Mary’s Food Bank.  The need is spiraling and contributions are shrinking.
  • Buy gift cards for local businesses or restaurants.  People can argue that gift cards are not always the smartest purchase.  However, when is a better time to support these businesses?
  • Contribute to local charitable organizations.  Charities have had to cancel a number of fundraising events this Spring.  If you make a year-end contribution to a local organization, why not make that contribution now?  All of these groups are currently struggling.  You can find a list or over 170 local organizations here – AZ Local.
  • Send an email or make a call to a senior friend or family member.  Offer to go shopping or run an errand for them.
  • Say thank you to a grocery clerk, deliveryman, policeman, fireman, EMT, nurse or doctor! 

These are just a few ideas.  Let us know if you have come across more good ideas.  We, and our communities, need to end up stronger once we come out on the other side of this pandemic.

All our best and stay healthy.


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