Leave a Legacy, Not Just an Estate

People are more than just the sum of their assets!  During life, each of us leaves a mark on the world.  Who we are and how we conduct ourselves impacts our friends, families, associates, and perhaps even strangers whom we’ve only encountered briefly. 

These intangibles, (i.e. our memories, values, visions, personality, skills, beliefs, jokes, traditions, etc.) are what make us who we are and they get left out of our will or trust.   However, such intangibles can become part of a Statement of Wishes to our families.  Here is a link to a recent Kiplinger Newsletter article that discusses a number of non-financial assets that should be reflected as part of a Statement of Wishes.  https://www.kiplinger.com/retirement/estate-planning/602689/what-non-financial-assets-should-be-included-in-your-estate-plan

Below are some examples of things the article suggests a statement should include: 

  • Personal Stories.    
  • Statements of Values.  
  • Family heritage documentation.  
  • Statement of burial ceremony or cremation wishes.        
  • Commitments to philanthropy and community.     

If you would like our assistance in helping you put together a Statement of Wishes as part of your estate plan, feel free to contact us.   

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