Experienced Will Attorney in Scottsdale

Preparing a Will, or estate planning, is one of the most important ways you can achieve security for your family, as it is one way that you can make sure that your loved ones are protected financially in the event of your death. Without a lawyer to help with your Will, your assets may become a source of contention after your passing. If you have minor children, a Will is the legal document in which Arizona law allows you to designate who would be their guardian in the event of your death. It is never too early to begin the estate planning process by preparing a Will, and with Braun Cathie Kruzel PC, you can receive experienced professional planning advice no matter the size of your estate. We work alongside you to create a Will and plan your estate in a way that helps you to maximize your legacy, minimize tax and financial burdens, and ensure your assets are divided according to your wishes after your passing.

What Does a Will Attorney Do?

Even if you don’t think your estate adds up to much, you might be surprised how many issues become problems even for a modest estate. Your vehicles, business, home, investments and even your life insurance policy are all potentially part of your estate, and what happens to those assets at your death can be directed in your Will. With Braun Cathie Kruzel PC, we work with you to identify any and all assets you may have in order for them to be managed in the event of your passing. This includes how your assets are distributed and how to minimize the tax implications when transferring them to your beneficiaries.

Think About Your Will Today to Protect Your Family in the Future

Death is inevitable, but planning your estate now can save headaches for your family in the future. For a consultation, call our estate planning attorneys in Scottsdale, Arizona at (480) 951-8044 today.