Tiffany A Beam

Pets are not our whole life, but they do help to make our lives whole.

Skittles is our Maine Coon that was born July 17, 2018.  She is a large girl at 18 lbs.  Skittle did have an eye injury that required surgery when she was younger. It has not stopped her from doing her favorite things, which is to play with our kids, her sister Skippy, and teasing the dogs.    

Skippy is our rescue cat, my niece found her on Thanksgiving 2020 on Tatum Blvd.  She had just been run over by a car and her only injury was a broken elbow.  Skippy has fully recovered, but still suffers from paralysis of her left paw.  Even though she is a tiny 6-pound cat, don’t let her size fool you as she thinks she is in charge at our house. 

Sam is our 12-year-old Lab Heeler mix.  She is very kind and loves all animals.  My husband says she is the best-behaved pet we own and has raised many of our animals.

Anakin is our 7-year-old Chiweenie.  We found him 7 years go and he has claimed our daughter as his person.  Anakin loves to run and to be chased.  He also likes to spend his days protecting our chickens.

Emma is our 7-years old Sulcata tortoise, and she is a recent addition to our family.  We are currently working on a tortoise enclosure for our back yard.

Justin is our 16-year-old Arabian gelding.  We purchased him 3 years ago for our daughter to ride and compete with.  I have known Justin all his life as he has grown up at our close family friend’s house.  Justin likes to barrel race and prefers riding western over English.  Justin completes all over Arizona in a variety of races with our daughter.  We like to say he is just a very large dog.

Josie is our 9-year-old quarter horse mare.  After recently selling one of our horses, I purchased Josie to ride along and show with my daughter.  Josie is currently in training and will be shown in the Fall of 2022 in the barrel circuit.  Josie likes trail riding, being scratched, and eating carrots.

King Julian and Pickles are our two chickens. King Julian is our rooster and is the husband to our blue silkie Pickles.  They are fun to watch and are very docile.  Pickles follows King Julian around the yard when she is not sitting on her eggs.  

As you can tell, my home is like a farm, but we love all our animals.       


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